Mahd Sports Academy


We worked on the Mahd Academy project fully from designing identity‭, ‬to designing the uniforms and buildings‭. ‬In addition to creating ideas for promotional videos‭, ‬social media posts and managing accounts‭. ‬

Production of videos‭, ‬and all designs for promotional campaigns‭ (‬Offline‭ – ‬Online‭), ‬then the implementing phase‭, ‬organizing the‭ ‬launch event and advertising campaigns‭ (‬outdoor‭) ‬and promotions‭. ‬

‭- ‬Main video for the launch event‭ ‬“It’s Time”‭: ‬a Cannes awards winner

‭- ‬Main video for Mahd Academy’s campaign‭ ‬“Asia Knows Us”‭ ‬to support The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has after handing over the bid for the Kingdom to host the 2027‭ ‬AFC‭.‬


Mahd Sports Acdemy

What We Did

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Mahd Sports Academy


Silver award – Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2020