To Win or to Win


The series, consisting of seven episodes, documented the 2021-2022 sports season for Al Nassr Football Club, where we lived with the team from its inception to explore what happens inside the club during the season’s events, including problems and crises the team faced and how they overcame and resolved them.
It delved into the players’ stories from the beginning of their careers to joining Al Nassr. The crux of the series focused on understanding how football clubs operate in Saudi Arabia and what happens behind the scenes in the locker room, during meetings, who manages the club, and the workflow. It also aimed to grasp the true driving force of every club—its fans—by interviewing them, listening to their stories and capturing their genuine love for the club and reasons for their support.
Nqla produced this documentary series for Al Nassr Club, from the initial idea to planning and writing the episodes to all related aspects of production and post-production.


To Win or to Win

Shahid Vip

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