The Context of Idea:
UBAIYAH horse is one of the historical symbols of the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The mare of King Abdulaziz, which he rode during his historical battles to unify the Najd region, the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then to unify the other parts of the kingdom as we know it today.
UBAIYAH battled with King Abdulaziz and his Companions in many battles and was a witness and influencer in writing the new history for the region. It also contributed to the unification, security, and stability of the country. It credited – even if it was simple – with preparing the country for the ones coming after them in building a civilization and glory that we are privileged with today.

The Summary of the Idea:
“UBAIYAH Sees its Glory”
Imagine if UBAIYAH watched the journey of King Abdulaziz entering the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it witnessed the story of all unification stages and renaissance of the Kingdom to the glories that our beloved Kingdom has reached.

Aims of the Idea:
1/2 Million is a local brand establishment and part of the economic development in our beloved Kingdom


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